Meet the two newest members of the són team:
Our new Creative Interns

Here at són we’ve recently recruited two members of the team and seeing as the newest ones are our creative interns we thought we should get them to introduce themselves! You should be hearing a lot from Hannah and Sophie in the coming months, what with Eroica Unwrapped on the 22nd of this month and A Midsummer Night’s Dream to be held on 18th June, they will give you all of the inside information!

To get an idea of what they are like we’ve asked them a few quick questions…

What are your musical interests?

Hannah: I am a massive follower of the hip-hop scene and am very into electronic music. But experimental collaborations and classical cross-genre work really excites me. I commend artists such as ‘The New Pollutants’ whose electronic-orchestral soundtrack Metropolis Rescore dared to try something new and inventive. I really appreciate talented musicians and am generally open to indulging in all music genres.

Sophie: I love going to music festivals so I can’t pinpoint my music taste to one particular genre, but one of the best performances I’ve been to was Mumford and Sons’ headlining set at T in the Park 2013. I’m also a big fan of The Strypes, they are an Irish rock group inspired by 60’s blues!

However, I also regularly play in brass bands, so that opens me up to classical arrangements and brand new composition.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

H: As a Film student currently studying for a Masters in Film management, I hope to be successfully marketing independent films and working with amateur filmmakers, inspiring them to follow their filmic ambitions.

S: I currently study English as an undergraduate but I would love to go into arts journalism as a career. I have a keen interest in music, theatre and obviously literature so I would love to go onto write for a website or publication.

What’s your classical background?

H: I played the violin from a young age and was part of the BYMT orchestra for three years, performing to audiences in Kent. As a dancer and keen performing arts enthusiast, I have enjoyed numerous theatrical classical performances. Hearing Tchaikovsky’s dynamic Swan Lake for the first time will always be a magical memory.

S: As I said, I play in brass bands so my classical background in terms of playing is quite limited. However, I studied music up to A level so I have some knowledge of the style. I also have several friends studying music all over the country, in fact the first time I watched a live orchestral performance was when I went to see my best friend play with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain!

If you were in the orchestra, what instrument would you play?

H: The Violin will always be my instrument of choice. Maybe I’m just being biased to a familiar old friend, but I just love its rich sound. The tones it can produce are just so expressive! A truly classic instrument that will usually perform the melody for an orchestral piece, proud and centre stage.

S: French horn, it’s the closest one to my own instrument! However, the french horn is also a beautiful instrument, providing some wonderful counter melodies and blowing the audience away with its sound. Mozart’s horn concertos are well worth a listen!

What are you most looking forward to whilst working with són?

H: I can’t wait to do some hands on work with the team, spreading the word about the orchestra, a truly talented team of artists. I’m also thrilled to be attending són’s upcoming performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, an aural and visual collaboration of Mendelssohn and Mayhew. From a behind the scene glance I can assure you, this experimental extravaganza is not one to be missed.

S: I’m really looking forward to promoting some of the són education projects, especially supersónic. I think it is really important to get children interested in classical music and learning an instrument is the best way! I’m also looking forward to attending our first concert as a part of the són team, Eroica Unwrapped is going to be really interesting – we get to learn something new ourselves!

Is there something you want hear about from són? Don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions, we’ll try to write what you request!

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