Supersónic Philharmonic Blasts Off – New Youth Orchestra Launched

Southampton’s very first orchestral summer school for grade 3 – 5 children


són today launched “supersónic”, their brand new orchestral summer school for children of around grades 3 to 5 level. Supersónic is a full orchestra, filled with youngsters near the start of their musical lives, and will involve children in three intensive – but fun – days of rehearsal, workshops and supporting events. Featuring musicians and teachers from all over the south, including key són players, staff and even the Artistic Director, supersónic works steadily towards a final showcase performance for all the family at the end of the summer school.

Music is drawn from standard classical repertoire, including current BBC Ten Pieces and famous film and tv tunes. All of it has been specially adapted so as younger players – perhaps with smaller fingers, or less stamina – can execute it as well as they can. “The emphasis is on fun, involvement and musical growth” says Artistic Director Robin Browning. “It’s far more important to excite and inspire youngsters, encouraging them to realise how incredible an orchestra can be, than to get bogged down in the realities of Beethoven and so on. That’ll come later – once they’re hooked! Right now, we want to get them playing, making music and listening to one another.”

So is it all going to be child’s play? Robin continues:

“No, not a bit of it – playing an instrument is fun, but tough. Doing it with others, who could also become life-long friends and musical colleagues, can also be hard. But it can be one of the most thrilling, uplifting and life-changing things anyone, especially a child, can ever do. I remember my first time sitting in a big, full symphony orchestra. I was blown away. I could hardly play – not because it was all too hard (although it was!) but because the sound, the feeling, and the whole sensation were incredible. And I’ve never looked back.”

són supersónic takes place in Southampton between 21 and 23 July 2016. Any child, regardless of age or location, can apply, as long as they play an orchestral instrument and are between grades 3 and 5 standard.

Find out more about supersónic – including full details about how to apply – by clicking here