The són journey began in earnest yesterday with Sibelius Unwrapped, our launch concert, in front of a sell-out Turner Sims audience.

We weren’t expecting our first review so quickly, but we couldn’t resist sharing this one straight away. It was sent to us by an audience-member attending his very first classical concert, and it’s great to read how excited he is about the sound of an orchestra and live music-making.

It’s written by our Artistic Director’s plumber.

That was amazing!

I’m just an ordinary guy, I work hard, don’t get out much and I’m seriously bored of modern music…. SO…. I pressed the big “NO” button … and aimed towards Classic fm… hmm I was pleasantly surprised and wanted to hear more, WOW! I have been gently easing my ear lobes to this kind of music and now I love it even to the extent that I have purchased a piano as I am desperate to play that amazing noise that comes from one, I have absolutely no knowledge of music and the daunting task of learning to understand and read music is quite off putting for a dyslexic plumbing and heating engineer.

Amazingly by timing or fate a long standing customer of mine Robin Browning enlightened me into his world of employment in orchestral music. My ears perked up as this was just what I had started listening to. At this time Robin and his team were very busy with paper work and sheet music all over the place – I recognised it as an organised mess just like my office! Robin quickly justified this as an essential part of putting together whatever he did, however it looked pretty intense. He said it was (for all that I could understand) some kind of music event, which is where I randomly said I’d like to go to a live orchestra one day… Well, I was given a date of 29th November 2015 to be my 1st concert.

I actually got quite excited – but nervous, as its not really been my kind of scene but hey, I bit the bullet and purchased 2 tickets for me and my wife Carley and WOW!!!! How epic was that a real live orchestra, it was so ear-opening it was special and very fitting I even got to see what the organised mess over Robin’s table was all about. It all makes sense now the birth of a brand new era in Southampton – SÓN …… and what a work of art it is conducting a group of instrument players to create what I can only describe as beautiful!

Robin: that was amazing I’m not the only one that works hard behind the scenes as well as on the main stage in our careers, watching you today you are clearly at the top of your game! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have been left wanting more can’t wait until 22nd April 2016. This is great music and real music for all ages! It has made me even more determined to learn to read and understand music.

Guys thank you so much

Lee & Carley Fisher
Lee Fisher Plumbing & Heating

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