Concert-goers leave glowing impressions following our sell-out launch concert

It’s taken us a little while to collate all the feedback from our launch event last year – over the last few weeks we’ve been busy working towards our follow-up concert in April and planning supersónic, our brand new orchestral summer school. But – finally! – we’re delighted to share some comments with you now, from audience members lucky enough to catch our sell-out debut “Sibelius Unwrapped”.

We were delighted to welcome són at its Turner Sims debut. At last a truly professional orchestra for Southampton! It was particularly good to see (and hear) some ex-Bournemouth Sinfonietta members, notably Lionel Handy – Principal Cello, and Andrew Knights – one of the best oboists in the country, coaxing such beautiful sounds from the cor anglais. What a pity to hear so little of Valse Triste and Andante Festivo, but as a lifelong lover of Sibelius, I much enjoyed David Owen Norris’s illustrated talk in the first half, so something had to give! The Turner Sims acoustics burnished their beautiful string tone well, and what a talented leader you have in Victoria Sayles! Congratulations, Robin Browning, on a great, promising launch!

David Rands, Romsey, Hampshire

“What an inspirational conductor! Perfect way to spend a Sunday Afternoon – when  is the next concert?”

LD, Southampton – winner of a PURE DAB radio as part of són‘s audience prize-draw last month

“So many things I found absolutely fantastic – what an inspiration”

EW, Hampshire

“The first half was fascinating and the second half magnificent. An excellent way to arrange a very interesting concert. Overall, a wonderful afternoon – what a splendid addition són is to the Southampton scene”

MS, Hampshire

“It’s about time that Southampton had an orchestra! Well done for establishing it, and hope you have a long association with Turner Sims and the City”

PU, Southampton

“Great quality of playing and conducting. There was astonishing ‘presence’ with the strings”

DM, Southampton

“It is a wonderful new orchestra with an excellent conductor. Please come to the Turner Sims again. It was great to have such a large orchestra here”

JS, Southampton

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